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As far as I can remember, I have always been into photography. Since I was 11, I borrowed my father's camera to take pictures of my figurines which I was playing with. In any kind of situations, indoors, in the forest or on a stream's edge, I found myself playing with the Nikon D90. 

Thanks to my father, I was able to acquire knowledge about speed, aperture, ISO or focale: the basics of the manual mode. 

At the age of 13, I was lucky enough to be accepted in my town's photoclub. Under the watchful eye of the club's members, I learned and I am still learning to master shooting, photoshopping and printing. In this context, I try to take part as much as possible in the activities my club organizes to exercise my glance: pictures outings, workshops and studio sessions, presentations of pictures taken that month or during photoreports.

I am hard-working and very motivated, that's why I often participate in exhibitions or in contests organized by the Fédération Photographique de France (FPF). Thanks to the judges' kindliness, some of my pictures were awarded. The photoclub members' indulgence offers me the opportunity to hone my skills and to discover the different aspects of a photographer's job which I hope will be mine someday. 

Click here to see my photoclub's website: https://www.photoclub-ballainvilliers.fr/benedicte-febvre/



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My skills

My main activities and my principal interests are listed below, with my attraction percentage. But I am not limited to these themes and I have a keen interest in new experiences of photography. Besides, I like the use of different software. 

  • Wildlife & pet photography                                                    100%

  • Macro photography                                                                  100%

  • Architecture photography                                                        80%

  • Street photography                                                                  70%

  • Lightroom software                                                                100%

  • Photoshop software                                                                70%

  • Printing                                                                                      70%

  • Nikon D750    (Full frame)
  • Nikon D90        (APSC)       
  • Nikon Z6        (Full frame)
  • Nikon 24-120 mm and Nikon 200-500 mm for the D750
  • Nikon 18-105 mm and Tamron 150-600 mm for the D90
  • Nikon 24-70 mm for the Z6
  • Nikon SB-900

My Services

You can find here the different services that I can suggest you, but if you have other ideas, feel free to contact me.

Pet photography

You love your cat, your dog or any other animal, and you want a beautiful picture of it? I will be very happy to help you.

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